Calahonda distress sale villa – first line to the beach

Calahonda villa for sale

Villa for sale – first line to the beach

Beachfront – location location location

First line to the beach is what most investors are looking for. The supply-demand system is so, that there can never be a over-supply of beach front villas as there is not enough beach line.

Villa in Calahonda

This villa is located in Calahonda with restaurants, bars, shopping etc. within walking distance.

More information: Beach front villa in Calahonda for sale

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Calahonda will have new street numbers

Calahonda mail delivery problems

There has been problems with mail delivery in Calahonda for a long time. This due to the bad street numbering in the urbanisation of Calahonda.

Good news for Calahonda

Mijas Town Hall has issued new numbers to all the streets of Calahonda and new number plates are being set-up.

The new correct address will follow this form

Name, middle name and Surname
Street name and number
Urbanisation Sitio de Calahonda
29649 Mijas Costa

Additional information


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