San Pedro tunnel

San Pedro

San Pedro

San Pedro tunnel – the 4 phases

The San Pedro tunnel is about  1km in length on the A-7 (N-340)

The delay in starting was the result of necessary modifications in the design, but for the many thousands of road users who have suffered long delays in passing through San Pedro over the years, especially over the busy tourist season, this was a delay well worth waiting for.The building of the tunnel will also speed up traffic over it, because current yet vital traffic lights will be eliminated.

Information about San Pedro

San Pedro problems

The problem however is the time we all have to wait for this to complete. Scheduled to take a year and a half, the planners saw no option but to divert traffic on this part of the A-7 during this period. An average of 60,000 vehicles pass through this point every day, and now are having to use the 2km southern by-pass instead, causing certainly at peak hours, traffic jams.

It is expected to cost some €60 million, of which €24 million has already been set aside in the coming state budget. The project will be developed in four phases;

San Pedro tunnel – First phase

The Guadalmina link road – a key part of the traffic diversion plan while the tunnel is being built. Work on this has already been completed.

San Pedro tunnel – Second phase

The re-positioning of the services affected by the building of the tunnel between Guadalmina and the entrance to the Cortijo Blanco barrio and Puerto Banús. This phase involves work on the definitive link road with Guadalmina, which will have two roundabouts, north and south, and an underpass underneath the motorway. This phase has also been completed.

San Pedro tunnel – Third phase

The main excavation work on the tunnel has also been started and near to completion, meanwhile traffic in each direction will be diverted through the by-pass

San Pedro tunnel – Fourth phase

From July 2009 to October 2010 – Excavating the tunnel
“Scalextric design”
The single kilometre of tunnel, referred to in the Spanish press as the ‘false tunnel’, given that it does not actually cut through a mountain, is scheduled to take a year and a half to complete.
The Town Hall and various resident associations had earlier objected to plans for the building of an overhead pass where north-south traffic was previously managed by traffic lights.
They referred to the design as a ‘scalextric design’, claiming it would have a negative visual impact on the area, and it has now been decided to build an underground pass there instead.

Properties in San Pedro

So far the prices have not been affected by the work. However in most cases prices will go up when the infrastructure is improved in an area.
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