Marbella University

Marbella University

Why live and study in Marbella?

Marbella University has good answers to that:

“To study in Marbella is to absorb a truly international environment, free from pollution where it is safe and secure. Equally important there is easy and cheap access to the culturally rich cities of Granada, Seville and Cadiz.

Marbella quality of life

To Marbella’s quality of life can be added a unique lifestyle experience considered by many to be Elysian. It is doubtful if anywhere else on earth is so complementary to the perfect education and graduation.

International environment

Studying in Marbella means living in an international environment with residents from all over the world, free from pollution and only a stone’s throw away from amazing world renowned cultural opportunities.”


Relocation to Spain is easier

There is no doubt that Marbella University is a plus for Costa del Sol, and at CASA:UNA we are looking forward to next season with the new university.


More information about Marbella


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