La Duquesa


Duquesa relocation

Duquesa has, over the last few years, become a very popular area for relocation.

Set amongst the many apartment buildings overlooking the marina is a variety of bars and restaurants caring for every taste set right on the waters edge.

Duquesa Golf Club

On the other side of the N-340 lies the wonderful Duquesa Golf Club with it’s fabulous sea views and where most of the new development in this area is taking place, the course is lined with golf apartments and some fabulous villas.

Good location – Duquesa

Duquesa is only 50minutes from Malaga Airport, 25minutes to Marbella, 15minutes to Estepona and due to its proximity to Gibraltar (20minutes), very popular for people working there.

Properties in La Duquesa

Property in Duquesa, Spain – Property for sale

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